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Learn to fly

Our flying training is practical, friendly, and honest. We cater for the student's needs, and adjust our training accordingly.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of learning to fly with us is that we offer an extremely cost effective stepping-stone to get your hours up before switching to General Aviation. Because we offer such a cost effective solution to getting a pilot licence, we have even had students come from overseas to fly with us.


We offer what a lot of other flight schools cant - experience on a heritage listed WWII era grass airstrip!

Dave's Flying School was started during the early ultralight days. Back then the school went by the name 'Thruster Factory Flying School'. Dave decided something more original would be better and renamed it 'Dave's Flying School'. Today theres no Thrusters about - but there are far more advanced recreational training aircraft available to help people realise their dream of flight.


There is an impressive list of students who took to the sky for the first time with us. Even more impressive is the number of students who have and still do fly for major airlines (including Qantas), regional and international airlines, the military and all sectors of the General Aviation community.


Fly with us at The Oaks, NSW